Tobermory Golf Club Erray Road, Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Argyll, Scotland.

Hole 1

Par 4 356 yards Ben Hiant  
The first shot of the day and what a "horror". This is a tough opening shot. You are playing up onto a plateau, from where you should be able to get a look at the green. more....

Hole 2

Par 4 359 yards Creagan  

After a nice easy start, you move on to the hardest hole on the course. This hole has a dog leg left to right. You can see the pin from the tee, usually. Time to get the woods out. The marker post is the line. more....


Hole 3

Par 3 230 yards Drimnin  

A long par 3, as you see it. Enjoy the superb views while you decide which club to use. It is downhill but further away than you think. Woods are often the choice of club here as you may be hitting into the prevailing wind. more....


Hole 4

Par 3 208 yards



Another long par 3 as you see it. The green gathers the ball from the right, but beware the out of bounds. Missing left leaves a tough chip especially if the pin is on the left. more....


Hole 5

Par 4 274 yards Calve  

The easiest par 4 on the course, but one that can still break your heart. The tee shot is blind with "out of bounds" all down the right. The green is reachable for big hitters, but the chances of hitting it are very slim. Have a good look at the hole before going down to the tee. more....


Hole 6

Par 4 398 yards Sunart  

So, you are still living after the long climb. Well, stop, get your breath and admire the scenery again. You are now facing the longest hole on the course, which will take you to the highest point on the course. Get the woods out and give it a rip. This fairway is quite generous, but does slope from left to right. more....


Hole 7

Par 3 142 yards Cairn  

You are now standing on the tee of our signature hole. Looks fairly straightforward, doesn't it? This hole has the potential to ruin your card, so don't underestimate it. Out of bounds to the right, rough to the left, rough & rocks long and back into the gulley if you are short. more....


Hole 8

Par 4 358 yards Erray  

A good strong par 4 with "out of bounds" all down the right. The line here is left of the marker post - there is plenty of room. If you can get over the top you should get a look at the green below you. Try not to hit your tee shot more than 250 yards or you could run into some pretty awful rough. more....


Hole 9

Par 3 120 yards Quarry  

So you've made it this far? Now for the easiest hole on the course. A straightforward par 3 and it is as you see it. Beware of the right - the "quarry" is a definite no no. more....

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